Detail of slip carving

Pieces are either thrown, thrown and altered, slab-built, slump-molded, or pieced of several components – whatever it takes to achieve the conceived form. Imagining form is my primary focus.

Decoration serves to give the form definition. Surface decoration occupies the largest portion of my creative time. My major decorative strategy is slip-carving or slip inlay at the leather hard stage. The work is then bisque fired to harden it for the remaining steps in the process.

Following the bisque, pieces are covered with terra sigillata made from red firing clay or a felspathic glaze.

Recently, I have begun using underglazes in painting nature motifs on the pots. I like to restrict these colourful paintings to “windows” on the surface of the pots which requires making the pot with that in mind. Underglazing happens in the bisqued surface.

All stoneware pieces are fired to cone 10 in a propane kiln.

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Judy Weeden is a studio potter with 42 years’ experience with clay. Please explore my site for a small sample of my work and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.